Dennis Lejardi is our Chief MVMNT Officer. Dennis is a creative entrepreneur and samaritan. He is the founder of The MVMNT and the idea of a charitable fashion line. Dennis is a curious and industrious individual with a strong desire for practical and actionable change. During the movements and protests that occurred in 2020, Dennis was impassioned to construct a platform that would immortalize the desire to create change and hence MVMNT was born. His goal is to create an organization that could transition that passion for social justice to a tangible item that can continue to bring awareness long after the trend for support has worn out.

"It's not enough to support a cause because it is trending today. It is our responsibility as a business and as humans to make sure that we are able to continue to support year round. It is my mission to make sure that we are inclusive of all and partner with organizations that allow us to impact as many different groups of people as possible."