What is Charitable Fashion?

What is MVMNT (pronounced movement)?

MVMNT is a brand dedicated to raising awareness of movements and causes. Our mission is to be able to provide our communities with opportunities to create social change. We do our part by donating a portion of profits to a different charity each month. These are what label as our movements that we support.  In this way, we can be a resource for non-profits both large and small and assist their fundraising efforts.

What does our logo mean?

Our design started off as a fist with an arrow that was inspired by our desire to stand in solidarity with the world during the summer of unrest (Summer 2020). At this time, conversations were ignited all over the country regarding civil rights and justness in the world. We wanted to be a part of this. We have since had our logo evolve in the spirit of inclusivity. The arrow is symbolic for what our brand stands for. For us, it represents movement, direction, and care. Movement is what this brand was born out of. Inspired by all the social movements that we care about, we decided that it's not enough to generate change only when something drastic occurs. It is our responsibility to do so, year-round. We are taking a step in the direction we believe that business should do. Responsible businesses care for their communities. That is what MVMNT is born out of and why the arrow is so critical to our identity.

What is charitable fashion?

Charitable fashion is at the forefront of apparel and clothing brand trends of 2021. More and more often, you will find yourself asking if you believe in the companies you buy from. Are their practices fair? Are they just? How does my purchase impact the world? Charitable fashion, like MVMNT, can say that your purchase does impact the world. These are brands who ensure that your purchase translates into supporting people from all walks of life. MVMNT’s mission is to make sure that causes you are passionate about don’t just get your support when they are trending on social media. You can shop knowing that you are getting dollars to the organizations that you care about. Non-profits, small and large, partner with us because they know that their followers want to give and get something back. MVMNT is the medium to do that through.

 Who benefits?

The non-profit that we support are the ones that benefit most. Buying a t-shirt or glasses or whatever helps contribute directly to them. This means that MVMNT customers have helped stop human trafficking, support women grassroots organizations, and provided assistance to cancer patients. That’s why we do what we do! We make sure that everyone can know that they have something to gain from working together. When you want to go far, you go together.

Who are we?

 Our followers and customers shop and live out their own stories on social, while we work on providing them with an opportunity to contribute to social causes throughout the year. We realize there are many underserved and underrepresented charities so we dedicate each month to supporting two reliably run charities. Finally, we provide a way for charities and nonprofits to fundraise for their causes. They become partners and influencers for our brand and in return we promote, market, and create unique products that will raise money for causes.

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